Program of the IESS 2.4 conference

The full program can be found here: Program IESS 2.4.
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Wednesday 8.2.


What is the "Best" Service System Ecology Strategy in the AI Era?
J. Spohrer (founder of Service Science)
Recording: here

Mission oriented: Innovation in the public sector and regional development
R. Bízková (ISFOR, Institute for Society 4.0)
Links: presentation

How to Support Transdisciplinary Service-oriented Startups
T. Pitner (Academic Director, Masaryk University, CERIT)

Mainframes in the modern world
A. Malý (Kyndryl)
Links: presentation

The Power of Data in Modern Product & Service Management
P. Minařík (VP of Technology at Progress)
Links: presentation

Delivering great services with limited time and resources
O. Materna (Founder & CEO of Legito)

How to fund research and development in a start-up? What are the risks involved?
J. Bocian (CEO of 22@Sense Partners)

Some examples of how service design is being used by startups and SMEs to apply service science
N. Coutts (Innovation Advisory Board member at UNLEASH)
Links: recording

Financial Enlightenment of the Entrepreneurship Dark Side from the Experience in Spain
C. Casanueva (ESCP Madrid)

Modern trends in Enterprise IT
R. Giebel, P. Halfar (Kyndryl)
Links: presentation

Workshop recording: here

Thursday 8.2.

Plenary session

Service Science & Intelligence Augmentation: Past, Present, and Future Research Questions
J. Spohrer (founder of Service Science)
Recording: here

Service platform for Smart Cities
M. Svitek (prof. at Czech Technical University of Prague)
Recording: here

Block 1 - Smart Society, Smart Cities & Smart Citizens

Chair: L. Walletzký

Fostering Citizens’ Engagement in Smart City within Digital Era
F. Caputo
Links: paper, presentation

Application of Context-driven Methodology for Implementing the Smart City Concept in Czech Republic
Z. Schwarzová, L. Walletzký, M. Ge, P. Procházka
Links: paper, presentation

A Review of AI-Based Trust Management in Smart Cities
J. Ohnesorg, N. Fakhoury, N. Eltahawi, M. Ge
Links: paper, presentation

Block 1 recording: here

Block 2 - Smart Healthcare & Pharmacy

Chair: L. Carrubbo

Novel Ways to Analyse and Cope Alert-Fatigue Phenomenon in Intensive Care Units
S. Rozenes, A. Fux, I. Kagan, M. Hellerman, B. Tadmor, A. Benis
Links: paper, presentation

Intelligence Augmentation and capability co-elevation in healthcare
L. Carrubbo, A. Megaro
Links: paper

Improving Access to Prescription Based Care through a Patient Centered Smart Pharmacy Ecosystem
N. Badr, M. Khiami
Links: paper, presentation

Block 2 recording: here

Block 3 - Smart Tourism & Local commerce

Chair: J. Falcão e Cunha

Preserve Local Commerce and 'Made in Italy' in Global E-commerce Era: The Case of CiShoppo
C. Pagano, C. Pipino, D. Squillante, G. Rocco, L. Carrubbo
Links: paper, presentation

Examining the smart tourism ecosystem from the lens of sustainable value co-creation and neuroscientific approach
M. Heidari, D. Verderese, M. Saviano
Links: paper, presentation

The impact of the Rijksstudio on the museum business model as tool for value creation
F. Carignani, L. Clemente, F. Bifulco
Links: paper, presentation

Block 3 recording: here


Friday 9.2.

Block 1 - Smart HR, Recruitment & Education

Chair: M. Leonard

Smart recruitment for workers with disability: A systematic literature review
F. Shahzad, M. De Marco, L. Varriale
Links: paper, presentation

Technology for Sustainability in the Educational Context: A portrait of the Italian Universities
P. Briganti, T. Volpe, E. Veglianti, L. Varriale
Links: paper, presentation

Mapping the journey for the digital revolution in the sphere of education through examining the future progress of technology
A.R. Gagliardi, P. Magliocca, F. Caputo
Links: paper, presentation

An innovative blockchain-based system for human resources digitalization with traceable relationship management
C. Pipino, G. Rocco, C. Pagano, A. Cipriano
Links: paper, presentation

Block 1 recording: here

Block 2 - Value-driven & data-driven smart applications

Chair: M. Drăgoicea

Value-Driven Industry Transformation: Leveraging Open-Source to Establish new Standards
B. Steffen, E. Duparc, T. Tegeler
Links: paper, presentation

Customer journeys and process mining – challenges and opportunities
R. Halvorsrud, F. Mannhardt, O. Prillard, C. Boletsis
Links: paper, presentation

Empowering Service Systems through Intelligence Augmentation (IA) in Digital Society
C. Bassano, F. Caputo, P. Barile, P. Piciocchi
Links: paper, presentation

Block 2 recording: here


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